iDIRECT Internet via Satellite

iDirect is the platform of choice if you require performance guarantees[1]. Our shared iDirect platform offers the best value money can buy and service is available throughout Egypt, Libya, KSA, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia and Lebanon.

For data, voice, video conferencing, VPN and Virtual LANs, our iDirect shared platform offers the performance
of a dedicated link [2] for a fraction of the price.
Our iDirect platform can also be used to replace leased lines in remote locations, with the same degree of reliability.
iDirect is the platform of choice for government, the military, oil & gas and industries where the stakes
are high - make it your platform today!


Voice over IP (VoIP) via Satellite

If you live or work in a country or area where telephone communications
are not available or prohibitively expensive, VoIP over satellite is the solution to remain connected with the rest of the World and meet your budgetary constraints. If your cost to call Europe or
North America exceeds $1/mn (as an example), VoIP via satellite will cost around 25 times less
(around 4/mn) once all costs are factored in, namely:.

Our VoIP service can be used on PBX systems with analog trunk cards or IP-PBX systems that support the SIP protocol and the
codecs used to transmit voice via satellite. We also offer routers with DISA (remote access)
capability if you want to use your VoIP service when you are not in the office via a local land line or cell phone.


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Working Time
Egypt Time Zone +2GMT
Sunday - Thursday 09:00AM - 05:30PM
Technical Support is 24x7x365

Ka-Band is Available now for Libya, Iraq, South of Africa


- IP Streaming for Live events

- Network Firewall and Management

- Video Conference

- Mobile and Portable Internet

- Marine Satellite TV and Internet

- Multicast and Unicast

Global Coverage

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